Tuesday, 26 August 2014


Baboon Monkey "the Olive Baboon"

Wildebeest grazing in the First light before migration. 

African Sausage tree

Wildebeest migrating.

Plains Zebras

My favorite, Hippopotamus. 

Maasai Giraffe.

African Bush elephant.

Masai Chief in Masai Mara Kenya
Maasai Chief

Maasai boy

Maasai women singing. In the Masai culture musical practices are entirely vocal songs, no musical instrument is used.

Maasai Tribe Shoes.

Maasai Woman. In the Masai culture its the duty of a woman to build a house for their families

Maasai warrior Jump dance know as "Adumu" which means to jump in the Maa language. its a show of strength, manhood for the highest jumpers and a way of getting a mate. Adumu is used to celebration many events in the Maasai culture.